Friday, 19 August 2011

Lilly & Ella's 3 Favorite Sandra Boynton Books

Our friend's little guy is turning one, and we wanted to get him some Sandra Boynton books for his birthday.  He always loves to read ours when he's over visiting, so we thought they'd be the perfect gift.
We decided to choose three, but we didn't think it was going to be so hard to decide on which ones.  Barnyard Dance is his favorite, so that was a given, but we were having a hard time choosing a couple more as they're all so good.

Since my wife and I couldn't seem to narrow it down, we decided to ask our girls, Lilly and Ella, which Sandra Boynton books were their favorites. 

Lilly said her favorite was Moo Ba La La La, and Ella said her's was Barnyard Dance.  They both seemed to think The Going To Bed Book was their next favorite Sandra Boynton, so those are the three we decided on for the gift. 

As a children's author, people often ask me which of my books is my favorite, and I always have a hard time choosing.  I think I'm going to start letting Lilly and Ella decide that answer to that one too!

I should also mention that Lilly and Ella's Sandra Boynton runner-up as it were was Snugglepuppy.  Seperately, it made the the top three in both Lilly and Ella's favorite Boynton books.

Sandra Boynton books are all great, and everyone seems to have a favorite.  If you're looking to add to your child's collection, or just starting one, I thought I'd pass along Lilly and Ella's top 3 favorites.
Really, you can't go wrong with any of the Sandra Boynton books, but these are the three Lilly and Ella recommend. :-)

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