Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Biblio Reads - Children's Book Reviews For Ages 0-12

I'm always looking for great children's books, and in my online travels I came across Biblio Reads - Children's Book Reviews for Ages 0-12

Biblio Reads has great, in-depth book reviews including sample artwork, spotlight interviews, their own Biblio Awards, and best of lists for the years best children's books.

One of the great things about Biblio Reads is that the reviews include both parent and kids reviews, something you don't find in most children's book reviews!  It's good to know what a parent's opinion of a children's book is, but even better to get both the parent's AND a kid's opinion!

Lisa Barker is the talent behind Biblio Reads.  She's a mom too, so she has the inside track on what we parent's are looking for when it comes to children's stories for our little monsters. :-)

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