Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meet the Numbers 1 to 10 - Video for Children to Learn Numbers

I made the Numbers 1 to 10: Meet the Numbers 1 to 10 video for my daughter Lilly. She can count wonderfully, but I realized she wasn't able to identify each individual number the way she can with her letters.

Researching the subject of kids learning numbers, I found out that numbers are a lot harder for kids to learn than letters.  Children learn their ABC's much easier than numbers.  With numbers, usually can count and recite the numbers in their proper order, but often have trouble identifying them when shown a specific number.

Lilly loves this video and likes to watch it over and over, and best of all, she's learned to identify each number now!

I hope your child enjoys this video as much as Lilly does, and I hope it helps them to learn to identify their numbers too!

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